This is a Slam That Stem headset bearing cover, designed specifically for the Cannondale CAAD 10, SuperSix Evo or current (model year 2011 or newer) CAAD 8.

"No one made a cover this low…so we decided to. Because we wanted to ride our bikes in a position that was comfortable and fast!"

Designed by Ian Schon, and 100% made in the USA!


Though it is designed for the Cannondale models listed above, it may work on other frames – but there is no guarantee. If your bicycle meets the specifications below, it will likely work:

Head tube or existing dust cover outer diameter – 1.85 inches
Distance from top of head tube to compression ring top – .075 inches (smaller would need a shim available at the LBS, larger will have a gap)

Installation and Disclaimer

After your first ride with the new headset bearing cover, it’s important to make sure that your headset hasn’t loosened at all! You may need to tighten things up, which should just take a second, and will result in you being slammed and happy until the end of time.

If you bike is not a CAAD 10, 8 or SuperSix Evo, you will probably need microspacers between our product and your headset to ensure that our cap is not contacting your headtube. If you do not fully understand this concept, please get in touch with your local bike shop to help with installation to avoid damages to your bike or headset assembly. If you have never adjusted or worked with integrated headsets before, please seek help to make sure this is done properly.

FSA manufactures microspacers, and these can be purchased through most bike shops or online.

To be sure that the headset bearing cover is working properly, you should be able to pass a piece of paper between the gap of your bearing cover and your headtube. If you cannot do this and they are making contact, you need a microspacer or two. If you tighten the headset down without the proper microspacers, the bearing cover and the bike can get damaged!

Metallic Poutine is not responsible for damages incurred to the bicycle, bearing cover or user as result of improper installation. Remember, if something on your bike feels wrong, it is wrong, and you should stop riding it and bring it into a shop to be looked at.

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